A Baron Halloween 2020

Normally we performers would be working.

Tonight is lockdown again in the UK. Something 2020 will be remembered for as it’s happening all over the world.

So I decided to sum it up in my clown pictorial terminology (Wizard of Oz, Pied Piper of Hamlet etc), and it turned into a short impromptu show.

A random group of people formed as I finished after the photo shoot for Halloween this year – ya can’t sit still.

Here’s the outcome.

It’s also a full moon, the 2nd this month. That gives this year 13 full moons instead of the usual 12. A Blue moon – how appt! And performers people alike starve everywhere.

Very Blue for all the wrong reasons.

~Kids are scared of ccc Corona! No corporate work, No private gigs, no interest from any angle… No trick or treat even…
A Baron Halloween 2020 indeed.

I wish you well and safe passage, people of the world, acquaintances, colleagues, friends, & relatives, in these weird times.


PS RIP Sean Connery.