Are Children One Of The Hazards Of Street Performing?

In the time before Corona, one of the hazards of street performing isn’t what you’d automatically think…

Can you take a guess as to what it might be?

It’s children!

“Watch furious street performer giving parent a tongue lashing after unruly child nearly sends him flying”

Knowing what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a kid’s lack of respect for a Street Performer is something I’ve come across several times; and in my opinion, the Street Performer below was totally justified in his words to the offending child.

The Mirror reported:

This is the moment a furious street performer gives a mum a four-letter ear-bashing after her unruly child nearly knocks him flying.

While doing a show in Vancouver, Canada, the busker is precariously balanced on a skateboard, on top of a piece of piping, which in turn is on an unsteady looking platform”.

Personally, I don’t think he was furious.  I think he was just unnerved and reacted accordingly.  Whilst keeping completely within his show style and not once faltering in his skill, he dealt with the situation whilst never really becoming aggressive or threatening to the child, but still keeping the audience on his side. He dealt perfectly with this hazard of street performing! A proper showman.

Quoted the Mirror:

“In no mood for the child’s antics, as soon as he regains his balance the performer shouts: “F**ck man, be a parent, hey?”

you can read the full article here.

You can see how it startles him, and I’m sure you will agree anyone in that situation would have said what he did.

My own experience of the hazards of being a street performer happened as I was riding on a 9 foot monocycle.


Falling to the ground, I turned around to see an offending small coke bottle (notice how I didn’t blame it on the child), had gone in front of the wheel. 

It was definitely not there when I started riding the monocycle, because I saw the child grab it back and leg it!

Weeks later I found this YouTube video of the incident  (thanks to Robert Meehan for sharing).

It shows just one of the hazards of street performing… Yes, children.

You will have to watch until the end!

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