Artistes Representation

What we are looking for in our talent: 

Passion, professionalism, dedication, and commitment, and a complete responsibility to the job being undertaken.

We don’t accept everybody!

ShowWorld Ltd. works with variety artistes, circus entertainers, street performers, arena acts as well as singers, dancers, choreographers, musicians and versatile Artistes of all genres, ages, and nationalities worldwide.

The performers we cherish the most are those who not only offer a very high level of technique and artistry in their chosen fields of discipline, but those who are multi-skilled.  Artistes who have trained themselves in at least two different disciplines or skills, will have more chance of getting work as it significantly increases their employment opportunities.  This also increases the placement possibilities for them and their skill sets.

We are always in search of new talented performers, shows, and acts.  So if you would like to be considered to work with ShowWorld please fill out our registration form via the link here:

Artiste Registration Form

By doing so you agree with our terms and conditions which are available here:

Terms & Conditions

You will need: Promotional Information Requirements:

  • No branding on any promotional content please.
  • Quality promo videos of your act ,skill, talent
  • At least 3 high-resolution photos of your act
  • Resume/ Bio in English
  • Contact details including Phone number, Website, Socials inc Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Nationality. Country of residence.
  • Type of work you are looking for i.e. seasonal, short-term, etc

Please follow the instructions provided on the Artistes registration page, and fill in all necessary fields.

If you have more than one act please use the duplicate button to duplicate your whole entry, saving time filling in the basic information again.

Once your submission has been accepted we will create a dedicated web page for you that will be accessible via a dedicated link with all the relevant information you provide for potential bookers to see.

We look forward to working with you soon.