Award Nomination for Nespresso Cubania Project

Nespresso Cubania Project

It is not every day that we can blow our own trumpet, and today is no different,  except when a project you have worked on gets a nomination from the Live Design Excellence Awards 2015, you have tell someone, well everyone to vote for it.

The Nespresso Cubania Project produced by Jack Morton Worldwide, was an event like no other – A totally immersive, experiential production that lasted some 7 hours.

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“Nespresso challenged us to create a compelling experience to launch their new Cubania coffee; a Cuban-inspired piece of brand storytelling that needed to be told – not in South America – but in London”.

Read more about Nespresso Cubania Project .


Personally for me it was one of the best immersive experiential productions I have bean party too.  The scenic ambience sucked me in,  I caught myself sat down soaking up the blinding afternoon Cuban sunshine,  5 minutes of basking I realised my burning ‘sun’  was a massive high powered light set there as part of  the production!!


Nespresso Cubania Project


Nespresso Cubania Project 2



Showworld had a small part to play in the production; sourcing supplying the wallpaper so to speak.

Good luck to the producers at Jack Morton World Wide, who deserve this distinctive accolade.  Please vote for Jack Morton

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