A Baron Halloween 2020

IMG_5503 A Baron Halloween 2020 Normally we performers would be working. ] Tonight is lockdown again in the UK. Something 2020 will be remembered for as it’s happening all over the world. So I decided to sum it up in my clown pictorial terminology (Wizard of Oz, Pied Piper of Hamlet etc), and it turned […]
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No Fee, No Show


If you’re an artiste, you’ll be ALL. TOO. FAMILIAR. with people wanting your services for free. The most popular is the performance that pays you in “exposure”. We say “No Fee no Show”. Here is why? Well, exposure doesn’t pay the bills. Money paid for a good job done does. Would those who want to […]
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Are Clairvoyants Any Better Than Snake Oil Salesmen?

Are Clairvoyants Any Better Than Snake Oil Salesmen

Are Clairvoyants Any Better Than Snake Oil Salesmen? A snake oil salesman is someone who knowingly sells fraudulent goods or who is themselves a fraud, quack, or charlatan. Many people would agree that this is a perfect way to describe clairvoyants, psychics, tarot card readers, tea leaf readers, palm readers, and generally anyone who practices […]
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Warner Bros World Is Opening In Abu Dhabi!

Warner-Bros World-Is-Opening-In-Abu-Dhabi

Get Your Geek On – Warner Bros World Is Opening In Abu Dhabi! If you loved Warner Bros cartoons as a child (or still do), there’s a new fantasy wonderland opening this summer in Abu Dhabi that’s been made just for you! Want to explore the prehistoric homeland of Fred and Barney? Take a wander […]
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ShowWorld At Padstow Vintage Rally 2017


ShowWorld At Padstow Vintage Rally 2017 Yes, it’s that time of year again! This June 30th to July 2nd, ShowWorld UK will be providing arena entertainment for the 2017 Padstow Vintage Rally. Click here to find out more about this yearly event Here are the Acts ShowWorld will be providing: And by absolute special request, […]
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ShowWorld Entertainments At Convoy In The Park

ShowWorld Entertainments at Convoy In The Park, providing fantastic roaming festival fun! Come and see us perform at Convoy In The Park, a family festival with great music, truck racing, and an action arena that includes drift trucks and cars. Tickets start from £15 and kids under 14 go FREE! You can read more about […]
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Learning Academy Clown And Entertainment Causes Laughing in De Lier

Learning Academy Clown & Entertainment Causes Laughing in De Lier

Learning Academy Clown And Entertainment Causes Laughing In De Lier!  Just after Halloween, when fake clowns do their best to give the profession a bad name, along comes Dingle Fingle to put the clown reputation right again! Starting with the students at Vliet Academy in the Netherlands this year, Dingle Fingle decided to show the […]
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Celebrating 20 Years Of LEGOLAND Windsor

March 11th 2016 saw the 20th anniversary of LEGOLAND Windsor, and guess who was there to help in the celebrations? That’s right, us! ShowWorld, in association with Zippos Circus, supplied the entertainment for this event milestone. Story continues below. We supplied an awesome bunch of entertainers to Zippos Circus, who, along with their own amazing talented […]
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Santa Claus Risk Assessment

A friend of ours is working with Dingle Fingle this weekend as Old St Nick himself, and as his day job involves supplying his clients with relevant Risk Assessments for the act being provided, he thought it would be fun to see what Santa’s would be like. So, he compiled one, showed it to us, […]
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It’s Always Personal: ‘Tis The Season To Be Careful!


  No, that’s not Ron Moody’s “Fagin”, it’s me! And speaking of pick-pockets… Lee, a friend of ours, is a world class pick-pocket who has worked for Cirque du Soleil. In the following video, he shows us another kind of pick-pocketing… The kind that’s always personal – that of the cyber pick-pocket. This is a […]
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