Convoy In The Park brings Sean ‘The Giant’ OHagan in to pull trucks.

Yes, it is official Convoy in The Park has teamed up with Showworld Ltd and have asked Northern Irelands Strongest Man (2016) to come and demonstrate his truck pulling skills.

Check out the video below to see the Monster Man in Action


Sean OHagan is no normal human being, in fact, he has been called ‘A Freak of Nature’ others call him the Giant’.


Wikipedia states at 212 cm (just under 7 feet) in height.  He is the tallest currently active professional strongman competitor and is amongst the tallest in history.

His weight of 200 kg (over 400 lb, or over 30 st) also makes him one of the heaviest strongmen around.

So we have got him pulling some trucks at Convoy in The Park, for your entertainment.

Hailing from Banbridge, Co Down Northern Ireland, O’Hagan has always been a big specimen but his muscle growth has accelerated since 2012.


Sean ‘The Giant’ OHagan, truck pulling.


“I have been training for the Strong Man for around four years, and I’m now currently Ireland’s strongest man,” he told and went on to say:

Sean gave us an idea of what he consumes in a given day.

“I would eat anything up to 2kg of meat a day on top of my veg and spuds and carbs. For breakfast, I’d start off with a large bowl of porridge and a large bowl of eggs followed by a protein shake. I eat every two to three hours (as he laughs) it’s some food intake. I’m at the shop all the time and it’s some weekly food bill.”

He has a long term goal of competing for World’s Strongest man in the next four or five years and his training consists of two days on and one day off with three to four hours training a day.

Sean admits that there are drawbacks to his size, especially when he is out socialising.

“‘It’s easy getting turned away from clubs and pubs because of the size of me and it’s frustrating as hell. But I know it comes with the territory, they look at me and think the size of this man, if something kicks off how are we going to stop him.”

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