Halloween Maze – De Lier Netherlands


Halloween Maze – De Lier Netherlands

Showworld gave a hand to the village of De Lier in the Netherlands by designing a fully functional Halloween maze for 4 – 12 year olds. However, despite initially creating it for this age group, we’re masters of our craft, and so it stands to reason that teenagers and adults were also suitably terrified!

Of course, they were!

Wouldn’t you be at least a tiny tad horrified if you found yourself being glared at by the Grave Digger, who, you’re pretty sure, was sizing you up for his next dig?

Or… stalked by Vampire brides, quite possibly looking for a) a meal, b) to make you their forever and very undead husband, c) to turn you into a Vampire bride as well?

How about being startled witless by a caged lunatic, just when you’d managed to get away from the horrors that could have befallen you with blood sucking brides and grizzly grave diggers?

And then just when you thought you’d escaped the very worst of worrisome fiendishness by the skin of your teeth, you somehow escape the bloodlust of Baron von Grindle, Vampire for Hire?

Yep, people were downright hysterical with fear!

Have a look here (not for the faint-hearted):


Stephen Grindle designed and conceptualised the maze, orchestrated the build, and oversaw the installation.

From being asked to be involved in this community project, to its completion, Stephen was able to get everything done within three short weeks!

The venue was a shop that was being renovated by its new owner.  The old tenant ‘ The Big Bazar’, had decided to close this branch, which was both the perfect timing and the perfect position, right in the centre of De Lier.

It ran for one night only between 16:00 – 21:30.  The event took 4 days to build up and 1.5 hours to take down.  It was a great experience and, as always, we learnt lots.

The Frightsite 2017 Venue

The build begins!

There were many contributors who helped out working on this project all for free!  We all got stuck in and had a ball doing it.

Big thanks to all the De Lier WinkelliersIt was very kind of The Winkelliers to lend a hand, and I’m glad we said yes – after all it is my local community!

Special thanks to:

Electroworld Bell Service   technical, sound and lights.

Vak Fotografie -Q   Photography and printing.

The Carlton Flower Shop, for hosting the meetings and overseeing from a far.

Two Floors Grand Cafe who promoted and built the maze up as well as looking after us all with food and drink and providing the Caged lunatic and Grave Digger.

Big thanks to Love A Do who kindly loaned us the venue and Vampiric assistance.

It was a collective effort and big thanks to all who helped that I have not mentioned here in this post.

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