Imagination’s Circus Themed Party Christmas 2014!

Creative agency Imagination do Ringling, Barnum & Bailey Circus themed Party this Christmas using ShowWorld Artistes at their headquarters in London!

The production was incredibly well executed. Everybody involved was really on their game – professional; friendly too.

We hit the ground running on the 21st, first by unloading the Comedy Fire Engine and checking how easily we could get it in the building.

Surprisingly, this was achieved with relative ease!

As none of us had ever performed the required routine before, ever, a rehearsal was definitely called for! Trying to get 6 of the world’s top clowns all together to rehearse was no mean feat!


We got the ladder on the Comedy Fire Engine into a position which would enable it to spin 360 degree’s in the middle of the circus ring and the very tight performance area. Now, would all the other props and gadgets I had spent making over the last 6 weeks work?
Only showtime would tell…

The company was founded in 1978 by the current managing director Gary Withers and, since then, the group has built its reputation on creating and managing spectacular events, environments and experiences. It employs more than 200 creative, technical and management experts to work under one roof in central London. Communications planning, retail and leisure design, project management, television production, films, multimedia, touring shows and theatrical events are all part of Imagination’s remit, and its clients include Ford, Ericsson and Cadbury.Christmas parties are, apparently, legendary. Source


This team of people at Imagination were exemplary in their execution of the business we call Show.

We and all the other acts had just 15 minutes on the day to rehearse in the ring. The other acts that were there were all at the top of their particular game. A six piece live band backed us.

I was very pleased Showworld had this opportunity to provide the troupe – Dingle Fingle and clowns – for the circus themed party show.

Six weeks of work for a four minute routine!

But oh, what a an amazing 4 minutes those were! Everything went according to plan and was very well received by all. Most of all, the client was happy.

In her own words:

“It was an amazing party and thank you so much for your brilliant performance. To make a routine work in such a small space with such a large prop was nothing short of a miracle”  Jane Brighton Head of Creative Production – Automotive

And yes, all the newly built props worked perfectly, I am more than glad to say.

This is a company Showworld needs to do more work with – and hopefully we will.

The pics below will give you a little idea of the kind of fun that was had by all at this fantastic circus themed party.

Imagination Christmas Party Dingle Fingle Clowns


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