Learning Academy Clown And Entertainment Causes Laughing in De Lier

Learning Academy Clown & Entertainment Causes Laughing in De Lier

Learning Academy Clown And Entertainment Causes Laughing In De Lier! 

Just after Halloween, when fake clowns do their best to give the profession a bad name, along comes Dingle Fingle to put the clown reputation right again!

Starting with the students at Vliet Academy in the Netherlands this year, Dingle Fingle decided to show the kids the positive impact a clown can have. In English, but that did not matter. Humour is international!

During the year, professionals have the opportunity to teach students about the their work, which is a little break from the norm for the students, and a chance for them to think about what they’d like to do when they leave school.

This time was very special, because as you can imagine, not many students get to see what being a clown for a living would be like – especially from such a world renowned one who’s just made his home in the Netherlands from England.

Stephen Grindle as his alter ego “Dingle Fingle” works as a clown and international events organiser with a circus twist. He’s winner of the “Childrens Award” and has been involved in performances and videos by Mika, Annie Lennox, and Kate Bush!
He’s also done shows in the gardens of Buckingham palace and appeared in several films. There’s much to tell about him, but the best is seeing him in action!

The children were well tested in their English proficiency during the presentation, but a good clown doesn’t need many words to provide great entertainment.

Learning Academy Clown & Entertainment Causes Laughing in De Lier

When the show was over, the children of groups 7 and 8 were in complete agreement – this instalment of the Academy Vliet was hard to beat.
We agree with them!

In fact, it’s safe to say that the children at the school have literally seen nothing like it!

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This article has been translated from the original Dutch item, which can be seen here