PETA: A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing?

PETA A wolf in sheeps clothing

In the current climate, where someone in China went to a wet market and ate some bat and/ or pangolin, enabling the virus SARS-CoV-2 to jump from animal to human as it created the disease, Covid19, and thus plunged the world into lockdown, you could be forgiven for thinking that an organisation like PETA had your best interests at heart.

However, here at ShowWorld Towers, we’ve always been a bit suspicious of PETA. We’re not the only ones.

Here’s why:

Being in the entertainment business, we’re all too aware of how PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has latched onto well meaning celebrities in order to boost its publicity and its coffers. Kind of like how a desperate dog might latch itself to the nearest safe thing to avoid being killed by the very organisation that is supposed to protect them.

Think we’re out of line?

Well, here’s what has to say about PETA:

Supporting PETA Is a Terrible Idea

You likely know PETA as that “activist” organization that seems more interested in raising a media brouhaha than affecting change. They’re always convincing celebrities to strip naked for their posters or releasing dunderheaded Super Mario Bros. and Pokemon knockoffs in order to make labored points about perceived animal abuse in fictional video games. Sure, PETA may be naively gung-ho about animal rights, but they’re not actually bad guys, right?

Well … there’s the fact that PETA is, and always has been, about killing animals. In 2011, their headquarters — an animal shelter in Norfolk, Virginia — killed 95 percent of the animals they took under their care (a combined 1,965 cats and dogs), whereas most other shelters only euthanize about 35 percent. They kill so many animals that they were almost denied the title of “shelter” and forced to call themselves a “euthanasia clinic.” (College Application Pro Tip: Don’t include “euthanasia clinic” on your list of extracurriculars.)

We understand that there is a practical limit to how many animals you can help and that, for some animals, euthanasia is a tragic necessity. But it’s hard to take seriously PETA’s claim that they’re killing animals as “an act of love” when they’ve been sued for taking lost pets and adoptable puppies and kittens from shelters, killing them, and then dumping their bodies in a dumpster.
But hey, at least they’re not in cages anymore, right?

You can read the full article here

Still think we might be wrong?

PETA- A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing-

There’s a whole website about PETA killing animals here

And here’s a handy little graphic related to their animal genocide:

PETA kills animals

And in case you missed it, Mittens and Spot aren’t saved, they’re slaughtered.

You can read about that here

Last year, PETA’s Virginia shelter killed 88% of rescued pets, up 30%

You can read about that here

And again, at least they’re not in cages anymore, right?

PETA are about two things:

  1. Getting away with murder
  2. Making money

So if you’re all for UNethical treatment of the animals you love and want to see saved, by all means, feed into PETA’s coffers some more.

If, however, you’re for the ETHICAL treatment of animals – steer well clear of PETA!