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Cirque Berserk .

It was an honour to be invited by Martin ‘Zippo’s Circus’ Burton to see his new show at Brent Cross

Presented with five Star press reviews and with friends saying to me ’you must see this show’.  My two children and I set off for a half term treat to see what everyone was raving about.

Cirque Berserk had come straight from a recent UK theatre tour where it received great acclaim.  We couldn’t wait for what was in store for us.  Lots of bustle at the box office as people rallied to get their ticket to the ‘Berserkus’.

From outside the beautifully sun lit big top (called the Mega Dome) was more than inviting.

cirque beserk mega dome

The atmosphere immediately consumed us as soon as we sat in our seats a. Anticipation wasn’t far behind, it was already building in the swelling crowd, you could feel the excitement.  This was not going to be any ordinary circus.  From the unconventional traditional circus layout inside, it was more of a circeatre (made that up). Sparse theming used very wisely as our focus was drawn to the Globe of Terror prop, which of course everyone was waiting for.

The scene was set inside Cirque Berserk – 

We were not disappointed with what followed from Cirque Berserk.  The show got off to a fast start and didn’t stop in momentum, pausing only for the interval. Clever lighting design, thundering rock music delicately interwoven with soft powerhouse ballads added to a show that flowed. 

cirque berserk acrobats

The acts were exciting, watching was compelling.  Performers and public alike enjoyed themselves from the get go as acrobats swelled the stage, alongside contortionists, knife throwers, Argentinean bolas, exotic dancers, fire foot jugglers, chair balance, aerialists.   All had greatest of skill levels that you would expect from a production this size, the expertise certainly wowed my fellow audience members. Daring in the roof of the big top came as the performers worked without harnesses. Edge of the seat stuff for sure!

The Globe of Terror act (Lucius Team) blew me away. Four riders in one tiny globe and the smell of burning petrol. Spectacular!  Show stealer, though for me was Clown Tweedy,  consummate, watchable and very funny.

cirque berserk Tweedy2    cirque berserk Tweddy

It was no surprise my children,  did not speak to me, were engrossed in the performance with so many great artists to watch.  They were not alone, looking around many times to see the 3/4 full house (on a Tuesday afternoon) transfixed.

In the words of Charles Spencer, of the The Daily Telegraph, who said “makes Cirque Soleil look wimpish”,    “leaves one both sweaty palmed and breathless with excitement” I agree totally!

Geoff Hodge writing about a performance Lowry Salford probably described the show best when he said,

“This show is gloriously, death-defyingly, magnificently, ludicrously fantastic. Unlike many shows, it’s also one the whole family will enjoy, although I can’t guarantee the kids won’t come away wanting to join the circus. Roll up, roll up, the circus is in town… just remember to breathe”. – G.  Link

Congratulations to all concerned.  I hope the show pushes some more boundaries in the future and brings back that raw feeling that one rightly described as “truly being on the edge of your seat”.

Martin Zippo Burton & Stephen Grindle2

The real smell of Circus is back and it’s ‘Berserkus’ – Go see it! For Cirque Berserk touring dates and information please visit

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