ShowWorld Artiste Management

ShowWorld Artiste Management

robots-street-performers-show-worldDid you know, that as well as being leading providers of Street, Arena, Variety, and Circus entertainment, we’re also an Entertainments Artistes Representation Agency?

Now you do!

That said, we don’t accept everybody – only those with exceptional talent.

ShowWorld Artiste Management

ShowWorld works with variety artists, circus entertainers, street performers, arena acts as well as singers, dancers, choreographers, musicians and versatile Artistes of all genres, ages, and nationalities worldwide.

The performers we cherish the most are those who not only offer a very high level of technique and artistry in their chosen fields of discipline, but those who are multi-skilled.

Artistes who have trained themselves in at least two different disciplines or skills, will have more chance of getting work as it significantly increases their employment opportunities.  This also increases the placement possibilities for them and their skill sets.


When the world is finally able to go back to some semblance of normality (but hopefully in a much improved way), we’ll be back in search of new talented performers, shows and acts.

So if you would like to be considered in order to work with ShowWorld please send us your promotional information as listed here

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