ShowWorld At Alton Towers Cbeebies Launch!


BIG news! We are performing at the opening of CBeebies Land at Alton Towers tonight!

Not only that – ShowWorld UK will be providing queue line and ambient entertainers for the half term week to complement the in house Alton Entertainments team already working in Cbeebies Land.

Which ROCKS!

Here’s a bit about CBeebies Land to whet your appetites (well, your kids’ appetites, which will whet yours, because they’ll be entertained and tired out, which means YOU get to sleep undisturbed later!):

CBeebies Land is home to a range of unique themed rides, attractions and live entertainment (us!), and will be a completely immersive experience for children and young families to create new experiences and inspire learning through play.

For the first time, CBeebies viewers will be able to step right into their world. A place that’s full of nourishing, real adventures.

Check out the Alton Towers website to see just what kind of excitement is in store

Your kids will thank you for it!


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