Put your events on the sunny side of the street

Are you looking for Covent Garden style street entertainers, mingling street performers, or a full blown street theatre installation? We can help.

The use of street entertainers is very wide and varied. Acts can be employed to service any requirement. Bringing a town centre to life, animating an exhibition stand, promoting your products in the most unusual ways. Or providing quality entertainment at private and corporate events.

We are thrilled to have supplied many of the UK’s top visitor attractions with street performers, street shows and street entertainers, both as ambient entertainment and as strategic queue line entertainment.

Some of the clients we have arranged street entertainment for include Covent Garden, Chessington World of Adventures, The London Eye, The Hub Milton Keynes, Alton Towers, Mold Town Centre, Yaz Waterworld.

We also supply mingling street Artistes & street theatre performances for parades, outdoor events, festivals, carnivals, corporate events, private events.

Call us for any of your street performance requirements.

"... Our client was delighted with Stephen’s program ..." "This man is a Treasure. In another age, he may likely have been institutionalized or made Court Jester; lucky for us he exists in our time, when people seek connection at levels not as available in daily life. Grindle, and those he gathers around him to perform, has an inherent grasp of the possibilities of Human Connection through magic, humor and surprise and possesses an innate sense of possibility without limits.

This is the man for one’s Creative Team if the object is to discover and present the best that is possible. Talent loves working under him, I thoroughly embrace working with him, and we have a very happy client for whom we worked.

As a Director or Producer, I would work with him, again, in a heartbeat. He inspires me… His energy is boundless; he’ll push until there’s nothing left…"
Kile Ozier – Itinerant Creative Guy, Consulting Creative Director for BRC Imagination Arts
"... Stephen is super professional ..." "One of the originals, always willing to go the extra mile to make the job as good as it can possibly be. With a long history as a character clown and entertainer, he has an all-round understanding of what it takes to make an audience happy. Super-professional and always a joy to work with." Michele Laine, Director at Viva Aerial Dance.
"... Highly recommended ..." "Highly talented and extremely imaginative all round entertainer, second to none. Can’t recommend too highly." Robin Dunham, Owner, RD ltd