A Baron Halloween 2020

IMG_5503 A Baron Halloween 2020 Normally we performers would be working. ] Tonight is lockdown again in the UK. Something 2020 will be remembered for as it’s happening all over the world. So I decided to sum it up in my clown pictorial terminology (Wizard of Oz, Pied Piper of Hamlet etc), and it turned […]
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Halloween Maze – De Lier Netherlands


Halloween Maze – De Lier Netherlands Showworld gave a hand to the village of De Lier in the Netherlands by designing a fully functional Halloween maze for 4 – 12 year olds. However, despite initially creating it for this age group, we’re masters of our craft, and so it stands to reason that teenagers and adults were also […]
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The Fangtastic Adventures Of Baron Von Grindle


As you know, the Baron went to the Ball recently. Specifically, the Barbican Halloween Ball, where enthralled attendees unwittingly went all Mina Harker in his Vampiric stare. But he’s also been out and about on other adventures, as the following attest to. Read on for some of The Fangtastic Adventures Of Baron Von Grindle! (We can […]
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Halloween Horribles: 6 Monsters Of Literature & Folklore

Be afraid. Be very afraid. It’s Halloween tomorrow, so in the spirit (see what we did there?) of the season, here are 6 monsters of literature and folklore: Dracula Or rather, Vlad the Impaler. It’s only in recent times that we know Dracula in his current form, 1897 to be exact, and that’s thanks to Bram […]
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Ghoulish & Ghastly Gastro Delights

This Halloween, why not freak out your Trick or Treaters, or your party guests, or even just your kids at breakfast on the 31st, with these ghastly cupcakes! They’re easy to make, and are sure to go down a fangtastic treat! Here’s how to make them: You will need the following colors of fondant and […]
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The Baron Goes To The Ball


Why is something wicked coming? Because Baron Von Grindle, Vampire for Hire, is going to the ball; the party to die for!     What’s it all about?     The inaugural Barbican Halloween Ball will be a party to die for, one that will haunt you eternally! Join us, if you dare, on Saturday […]
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It’s Always Personal: ‘Tis The Season To Be Careful!


  No, that’s not Ron Moody’s “Fagin”, it’s me! And speaking of pick-pockets… Lee, a friend of ours, is a world class pick-pocket who has worked for Cirque du Soleil. In the following video, he shows us another kind of pick-pocketing… The kind that’s always personal – that of the cyber pick-pocket. This is a […]
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Is Halloween Dead? Or Is It Dead Brilliant?

Not to beat around the bush, but it’s definitely dead. AND dead brilliant. And when we say dead, we mean it’s about the dead. More specifically, about dressing LIKE you’re dead, to keep the REAL dead at bay. Halloween is dead brilliant, but in England, it can sometimes be akin to the walking dead. The […]
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Join ShowWorld’s Painterman & Vampire For Hire Tonight!

Are you in the Events Industry, and/ or are you an Events Industry service provider? If so, then this is one event you won’t want to miss! In association with Terbell Event Management Training Courses, you are invited to an Event Industry Night Out in the unique and very exclusive Mason House (next to Oxford […]
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