No Fee, No Show


If you’re an artiste, you’ll be ALL. TOO. FAMILIAR. with people wanting your services for free. The most popular is the performance that pays you in “exposure”. We say “No Fee no Show”. Here is why? Well, exposure doesn’t pay the bills. Money paid for a good job done does. Would those who want to […]
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Take A Break, Reaper!

Take A Break, Reaper! The world of entertainment lost a great mime artist on Christmas Eve. You can read about him here Then on December 28th, the reaper had another go and took Lemmy Kilmister, front man to Motörhead, two days after he’d been diagnosed with prostate cancer, cardiac arrhythmia, and congestive heart failure. Watch […]
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The Fangtastic Adventures Of Baron Von Grindle


As you know, the Baron went to the Ball recently. Specifically, the Barbican Halloween Ball, where enthralled attendees unwittingly went all Mina Harker in his Vampiric stare. But he’s also been out and about on other adventures, as the following attest to. Read on for some of The Fangtastic Adventures Of Baron Von Grindle! (We can […]
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