The Fangtastic Adventures Of Baron Von Grindle


As you know, the Baron went to the Ball recently.

Specifically, the Barbican Halloween Ball, where enthralled attendees unwittingly went all Mina Harker in his Vampiric stare.

But he’s also been out and about on other adventures, as the following attest to.

Read on for some of The Fangtastic Adventures Of Baron Von Grindle!

(We can confirm that the enraptured have safely returned to their right minds and that no people were harmed during the making of his adventures.)

From Tim Hanberry at Apollo Events



From Sarah O’Connell, CBRE London



From Klara, Quintessentially Events



From Miss Hope Springs, Mina Harker, Barbican Halloween Ball



If you want to experience the magnetic power of the Baron, remember, a Vampire isn’t just for Halloween – a Vampire is for ALL SEASONS! 

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