XPB X Public School Boy

justin Brett

XPB   That is X Public School Boy.


In the run up to the general election, new party candidate, XPB X Public School Boy, is on the campaign trail. He’s been spreading his campaign motto, “A vote for me is a vote for my chums” around the constituencies and is getting ready to tell it like it is. In South Kensington…
He hasn’t written his party manifesto yet. But will. When everyone else does.

The Mirror website comments:

We can’t imagine which politician this ‘X Public School Boy Rap’ is parodying

The X.P.B. election comedy rap video apparently responds to the fact that a third of Parliament elected in 2010 went to private schools.

The parody character has been spreading his campaign motto, “A vote for me is a vote for my chums,” in the wealthy London constituency of Kensington South.

We think he definitely bears a striking resemblance to…?  Click on this link to find out.



justin BrettPersonally here at Showworld we believe this is a good old satirical stab at the political system in general. Like a bullet, that it is, through a soggy biscuit, this parody rap of the British political system is very well produced and poignant at a pivotal time in political history.

XPB has been written and produced by Justin Brett and his colleagues who are well known to Showworld. We applaud you all!

Remember “A vote for me is a vote for my chums”

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