Yas Water World Preparation Day 3

Today was the day when 21 Artistes arrived from the UK ready to be shaped and moulded by Kile Ozier and myself into the show that will be the Yas Water World Opening Day & Ceremony

But first here we are meeting the EDMI students, who both Adam and Kile have instructed as part of their Events Training Course they are doing.

I still hadn’t been on any of the rides, so on day 3 I put my own together and toured the park.

A ride around the park on my unicyle was in order!


Let me take you for a dusky spin 🙂

My main man Rob Leetham was at the helm doing the the house keeping, so to speak, meeting, organising, and making sure all were present and correct. Which of course they were because they are all professionals! Some of these people I have known since I was first in my Joey shoes, and some I am meeting for the first time.

The International Artistes arrived in from Heathrow Airport, UK, where they have flown from.


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