Yas Water World Preparation Day 4

Day 4 and it was up and out early. All Artistes to the helm! Well, onto the bus anyway.

First, we had the Health & Safety briefing and welcome from Adam

Then it was the Yas Park tour for my gang of International Artistes.


And finally, off we went for costume fitting.

Show time: My turn. Getting the concept and movement direction of the show format and artistes blocked into a semblance of order and form, which Kile would then pummel into shape the next day. It was an enlightening time for me as Kile just let me get on with my brain dump of action and plot (final writings whilst at lunch in Ikea) that all the Artistes took in their stride and put into action with professionalism and suggestion to help the evolution of the project.

5 hours into dusk we carried on this blocking adventure. It was time for a drink. Dry throat, and although I had a microphone, it still played havoc with my voice. The team, still jet lagged, were exemplary in their interpretation of the vehicle we call Show.

Not once did I get micro managed! Suggestions and help was the order of the day, not ego, and it was so refreshing.


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